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It’s Hard to believe it’s been close to 2 years since the galaxy s3 was announced. With the device still being a staple of most carriers portfolios we decided it would be a good place to start our new Micro Review series. These reviews will be short and to the point summations of the device and our thoughts on it.  (more…)

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A few days ago I gave my opinions about Blackberry and their possible come back, but today I am going to talk about Android. When I say Android in relation to phones and tablets any number of devices likely came to mind the Galaxy s3, the HTC One X, or any of the slew of phones touting the “DROID” name. While all of these phones hold their place in the smartphone market, Google has decided to take a surprisingly different and unorthodox approach to carving out its own chunk of the  ever-growing smartphone market. (more…)

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mgid-uma-video-mtvAnnotations is a sometimes-regular series on Your Music Is Horrible in which we break down the most horrible popular songs of this month or this week or this year or whatever. On the left are the lyrics; on the right are our track notes.

You can read previous Annotations by clicking here.

“All Gold Everything (Explicit)”
by Trinidad James (more…)

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After some time off from Is Horrible, I have been asked a lot lately about my thoughts on Blackberry 10. So I decided to put some of my opinions down to keep from having to repeat them.

You’re welcome.

Blackberries used to be the iPhone of their day. At first only the élite and the dedicated had them. Slowly the costs came down, and then everyone just had to own one. Much like their former rival Palm, RIM fell into a routine that became harder and harder to break that put them into a similar situation. For RIM — now corporately called Blackberry like their phones — the story of Palm is a cautionary tale of what may be to come. (more…)

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